Rhett George


“'In the Heights' bursts with musical life: The plot's central couple, played by Rhett George and Julia Hunter, have the well-limned features of fashion models, but scrupulously maintain their place in the ensemble.”

-David Patrick Stearns, Philly.com

“Benny (Rhett George) and Sonny (Matthew J. Harris) are perhaps the two most amusing characters of the play.”

-Vanguard Online

“ In addition, Hunter's duet with Rhett George who plays Benny, "When the Sun Goes Down," is moving and the best duet in the production.”

-Kelli Curtin BroadwayWorld.com

“Rhett George sings the dynamic “Say a Prayer” that starts with a pin-drop silence and builds into a full gospel roar that propels the audience into the lobby for the intermission.”

-Allan I. Ross, The Lansing City Pulse

“Rhett George as Gator, the mute bartender who finds his voice during the stand out and mind-blowing performance of “Say a Prayer,” commands the spotlight during the scene that ends the first act.”

-Halie Williams, Columbus Underground

“Rhett George, who bears a striking resemblance in both appearance and voice to gospel great BeBe Winans, is Gator. His uplifting tenor on “Say a Prayer” ends a lifetime of silence begun as a 5-year-old after witnessing his father’s lynching, but only comes after another act of senseless racial violence.”

–Chuck Yarborough, The Plain Dealer

“The mostly silent Gator, played by Rhett George, is goose-bump inspiring at the end of act one.”

Encore Michigan

“Gator, played by Rhett George, adds heart to the show and a soulful voice when he lets it out.”

-Dawn Baumgartner Vaughn, The Herald Sun

“Rhett George brings infectious good humor to the stage as Gator, the wryly observant bartender.”

-Robert Trussell, The Kansas City Star

“The expressive almost angelic voice of Rhett George who leads the ensemble in the Act I finale “Say A Prayer.” George’s character spends the first act in silence and when he finally speaks he does so with song, so moving and so filled with heartache and emotion that you want to cry.”

-Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theater Arts

“Rhett George’s heartfelt rendition of “Say a Prayer” brings Act 1 to a moving close.”

-Christopher Hoile, Stagedoor Toronto

“The Role of Harpo was well played by Rhett George.”

-John Barry, Baltimore City Paper

“Rhett George, as “Daddy”, is another showstopper, leading “The Rhythm of Life”, a rock-gospel-swing-spiritual event with brilliant colors, flashing lights, and powerful choreography.”

-Roberta Zlokower, Roberta on the Arts

“’The Rhythm of Life’ sung Enticingly by Rhett George( as the minister of church of music out of San Francisco that oscar takes charity to) is also a highlight.”

-Brandon Hayes, ChicagoCritic.com